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Previous years program


ROTARY YEAR  2019 – 2020 

Mondays 11:30 – 13:00
Helsingin Suomalainen Klubi
Kansakoulukuja 3, 5th floor, 00100 Helsinki

Date Speaker Description
17.06.2019 Round table at Hotel Crown Plaza”
24.06.2019 Round table at Hotel Crown Plaza”
01.07.2019 Round table at Hotel Crown Plaza”
08.07.2019 Round table at Hotel Crown Plaza”
15.07.2019 Round table at Hotel Crown Plaza”
22.07.2019 Round table at Hotel Crown Plaza”
29.07.2019 Round table at Hotel Crown Plaza”
05.08.2019 Round table at Hotel Crown Plaza”
12.08.2019 Round table at Hotel Crown Plaza”
19.08.2019 Round table at Hotel Crown Plaza”
26.08.2019 Birger Stjernberg Rotary International
02.09.2019 Birger Stjernberg Finland´s Rotary and District 1420
09.09.2019 H.E. Noora Juuma Ambassador United Arab Emirates, U.A.E.
16.09.2019 Newly arrived IB-Exchange students presentations
23.09.2019 Fellow Rotarian Esko Jantunen presenting his study on “Climate change”
30.09.2019 Ex HIRC member Stefan Winter The new wood era in building construction
07.10.2019 District Governor Tommy Wegge visiting HIRC
14.10.2019 Our OB- Exchange students presenting their reports of the year abroad
21.10.2019 Virpi Honkala Newly elected Director of Rotary International Board
28.10.2019 Elke Eckstein EGO Presentation
04.11.2019 Watze de Wolf European Chemicals Agency ECHA
11.11.2019 Club Forum: Changed time 18.00
18.11.2019 HIRC Annual General Meeting AGM
25.11.2019 Commander Mikko Sistonen, Chief of Training for the Finnish Defence Forces today’s military training methods
02.12.2019 Heidi Lehmuskumpu, Development Manager, Finnish National Opera & Ballet Building a future for opera & ballet through fund raising
09.12.2019 HIRC Lucia Party
16.12.2019 Dr Pentti Aspila The Baltic Sea Rotary Action Network
23.12.2019 No meeting
30.12.2019 No meeting
13.01.2020 Dr Mikko Ylikangas, Academy of Finland The British Royal Navy and RAF in Koivisto in 1919
20.01.2020 Osama Al-Ogaili My journey in Finland
27.01.2020 Extraordinary General Meeting

ROTARY YEAR  2018 – 2019

Mondays 11:30 – 13:00
Helsingin Suomalainen Klubi
Kansakoulukuja 3, 5th floor, 00100 Helsinki

Date Time Description/Guest Speaker
02.07.2018                    09.07.2018













Round table meeting, Crowne Plaza Hotel

Round table meeting, Crowne Plaza Hotel

Round table meeting, Crowne Plaza Hotel

Round table meeting, Crowne Plaza Hotel

Round table meeting, Crowne Plaza Hotel

Round table meeting, Crowne Plaza Hotel

Round table meeting, Crowne Plaza Hotel


20.08.2018 11.30 M.Sc. (Politics) Kristiina Vainio: “Experiences of supporting civil society human rights initiatives in South Asia”
27.08.2018 11.30 Returning exchange students Viivi Laine and Tinttu Vitikainen
03.09.2018 11.30 Former Military and UN Officer, currently Member of the City Council of Helsinki, Atte Kaleva: “The history of islamic extremism and it´s possible development”
10.09.2018 11.30 No guest speaker because of the following Board meeting
17.09.2018 11.30 Incoming exchange students Alessio Russo (Italy) and Lara Silva De Oliviera (Brazil)
24.09.2018 11.30 Hans Wickström from Rotary Foundation Committee of Rotary District 1420: “Rotary Peace Centers have since 2002 trained over 1.100 Rotary Peace Fellows”
01.10.2018 11.30 His Excellency, Ambassador for Northern Policies Harri Mäki-Reinikka: “Arctic co-operation”
08.10.2018 11.30 Professor Emeritus of History of Science Anto Leikola: “Alexander von Humboldt, the most famous naturalist at his time”
15.10.2018 11.30 Project Director, M.Sc.(Social Sciences) Mika Pyykkö: “Sitra and Impact Investing, especially Koto- and other SIBs in Finland”
22.10.2018 11.30 Lunch meeting
29.10.2018 11.30 His Excellency, Ambassador of Great Britain Tom Dodd: “The latest insights on Brexit”
05.11.2018 11.30 No guest speaker because of the following Board meeting
12.11.2018 11.30 District Governor Irmeli Viherluoto-Lindström visiting HIRC
19.11.2018 11.30 Club Forum
26.11.2018 11.30 Fellow Rotarian R Jane Cheng: “Ego presentation”
03.12.2018 11.30 Annual General Meeting (AGM)
10.12.2018 11.30 His Excellency, Ambassador of Palestine Taissir Al-Adjouri: “Palestine and the peace process”
17.12.2018 18.00 HIRC Christmas Party at Helsingin Suomalainen Klubi ; a special welcome also to fellow Rotarians and their friends and family. Registration needed through this link: (  – (no lunch meeting)
24.12.2018  —– Christmas Eve: No meeting
31.12.2018  —– New Year Eve: No meeting

07.01.2019   11:30    No guest speaker because of the following Board meeting

14.01.2019   11:30    His Excellency, Ambassador of Poland Jaroslaw  Suchoples:                                            “Prospects of Polish – Finnish economic co-operation”

21.01.2019   11:30    Fellow Rotarian Sandra Pöysäri:”Ego presentation”

28.01.2019   11:30     Fellow Rotarian Adetayo Adelakun: “Ego presentation”

04.02.2019   11:30     Senior Loan Officer Mikko Helkala, European Investment Bank,                                       Helsinki Office:”Girl schooling in India”

11.02.2019   11:30     Fellow Rotarian Fredrik Pressler:”Our Foundation” followed by                                         Board meeting

18.02.2019   11:30    Former Minister and Parliamentarian, M.L., Economics                                          Kimmo Sasi:”Will EU survive and how?”

25.02.2019   11:30    Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

04.03.2019   11:30   Lunch meeting

11.03.2019   11:30    Club Forum

18.03.2019   11:30    Lunch meeting

25.03.2019   11:30    Executive Director of the National Seniors Union in Finland, Mr.                                        Matti Niiranen, M.Sc. (Politics): “Senior citizens organisations in                                        Finland, activities and theses for the parliamentary elections”

01.04.2019   11:30   Ms. Nelli Kuokka, Director of Communications and Public                                                 Affairs, The National Olympic Committee of Finland: “The                                                 Finnish Olympic Committee Today”

08.04.2019   11:30    Superintendent Liisa Lintuluoto, Helsinki Police Department:                                            “Processes related to forced returns”

15.04.2019   11:30    Chairman Jarno Peltonen: “The Finnish – Arabic Society /                                                  Yearbook Marhaba 42”

22.04.2019    —–      Easter Monday: No meeting

29.04.2019   11:30    Research Scientist Natalia Korhonen, Finnish Meteorological                                            Institute: ” Weather and climate patterns and their effect on                                              Finnish seasonal weather expectations”

06.05.2019   11:30    Mr. Richard Shackleton, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of the                                    United Kingdom in Helsinki : “The latest on Brexit”

13.05.2019   11:30    Director of Finnish Institute of International  Affairs Teija                                                    Tiilikainen:”Finland´s  international position in 2019″

20.05.2019   11:30    Leaving Exchange Students:”Experiences in Finland”

27.05.2019   11:30    M.D., Ph.D., Prof. Seppo Kivinen: “A natural part of male aging:                                        Prostatic diseases” – The presentation is recommended also to                                       the spouses.

03.06.2019   11:30    Round table meeting, Crowne Plaza Hotel

10.06.2019   18:00    Change of chain and Summer Party, Restaurant Mamma                                                  Rosa (registration needed)

17.06.2019   11:30    Round table meeting, Crowne Plaza Hotel

24.06.2019   11:30    Round table meeting, Crowne Plaza Hotel

Program Helsinki International Rotary Club 2017-218

Mondays (Meeting can be lunch or evening, see program)
Suomalainen Klubi
Kansakoulunkuja 3, 00100 Helsinki

Date Time Description
28.08.2017 18.00 Season Start Dinner (Avec), Klubi
04.09.2017 11.30 Lunchmeeting, Klubi
11.09.2017 11.30 Come Together Lunch, Klubi
18.09.2017 12.00 Club Meeting, Klubi
25.09.2017 17.00 Speaker: Former Lieutenant General and Permanent Secretary of the Defense Ministry, Mr. Arto Räty

Topic: “Are we prepared for the right crisis and threats

02.10.2017 11.30 Come Together Lunch, Klubi
10.10.2017 18.00 Club Social Event (Avec)
16.10.2017 11.30 Come Together Lunch, Klubi
23.10.2017 12.00 Club Meeting, Klubi
30.10.2017 17.00 Charity Dinner, Klubi
06.11.2017 11.30 Club Meeting, DG Visit, Klubi
15.11.2017 18.00 Club Social Event (Avec)
20.11.2017 11.30 Come Together Lunch, Klubi
27.11.2017 12.00 Club Meeting, Klubi
07.12.2017 18.00 Finland 100 years, Club Dinner (Avec)
11.12.2017 11.30 Come Together Lunch, Klubi
18.12.2017 11.30 Club Christmas Lunch
08.01.2018 17.00 Charity Dinner, Klubi
18.01.2018 18.00 Club Social Event (Avec)
22.01.2018 11.30 Come Together Lunch, Klubi
29.01.2018 12.00 Club Meeting, Klubi
05.02.2018 17.00 Charity Dinner, Klubi
12.02.2018 11.30 Come Together Lunch, Klubi
19.02.2018 11.30 Come Together Lunch, Klubi
26.02.2018 12.00 Club Meeting, Klubi
05.03.2018 1700 Charity Dinner, Klubi
12.03.2018 11.30 Come Together Lunch, Klubi
22.03.2018 18.00 Club Social Event (Avec)
26.03.2018 12.00 Club Meeting, Klubi
09.04.2018 17.00 Charity Dinner, Klubi
16.04.2018 11.30 Come Together Lunch, Klubi
26.04.2018 18.00 Club Social Event (Avec)
07.05.2018 12.00 Charity Dinner, Klubi
14.05.2018 11.30 Come Together Lunch, Klubi
28.05.2018 12.00 Club Meeting, Klubi
11.06.2018 18.00 Change of Chains, TBD
Spring 2017 Speaker Theme
02.01.2017 Fellowship meeting
09.01.2017 Ms. Nurkkula, past exchange student How to setup a start up company
16.01.2017 Mr. Markus Suomi, CEO FINPRO
23.01.2017 Ms, Susanna Pettersson, Museum Director, Ateneum Art Museum
30.01.2017 TBA
06.02.2017 Mr. Timo Antikainen, Director of Economic Development, City of Tampere
13.02.2017 TBA
20.02.2017 TBA
27.02.2017 TBA
06.03.2017 TBA
13.03.2017 TBA
20.03.2017 TBA
27.03.2017 TBA
03.04.2017 TBA
10.04.2017 TBA
17.04.2017 Easter Monday No meetting
24.04.2017 Club Forum Membership activation & new member recruitment
01.05.2017 No meeting
08.05.2017 TBA
Spring 2016 Speaker Theme
11.01.2016 Dr. Arno Tanner Repatriation of refugees
18.01.2016 Folke Sundman:Senior Researcher and Climate Finance Negotiator A New Climate Deal in Paris?
25.01.2016 Marjatta Rasi: EGO Presentation
01.02.2016 Jan D. Okerblom The Finnish Business Angels
08.02.2016 Ph.D. Kati Katajisto Johannes Virolainen – International parliamentarian
15.02.2016 Eero-Pekka Mänd Fundraising and Rotary
22.02.2016 Networking
29.02.2016 Ying-Chan Lin EGO Presentation
07.03.2016 Bill Gates talks to Rotarians Live Stream
14.03.2016 Open
21.03.2016 Pending
28.03.2016 No Meeting Easter holiday
04.04.2016 Ambassador of Sweden, HE Anders Lidén Sweden and Finland in a more insecure world
11.04.2016 Ms. Dagmar Ossenbrink, CEO of the German-Finnish Chamber of Commerce presentation of the Chamber activities
18.04.2016 Pending
25.04.2016 Professor Markku Kangaspuro Russia: the Good, the Bad and the Uggly
02.05.2016 Club Forum
09.05.2016 Hanna Lankinen, Head of Business Development, Finpro Invest in Finland
16.05.2016 His Excellence Ambassador Ariad from the Kingdom of Morocco
23.05.2016 Our Fellow Rotarian Sam-Erik how the social media will and can be used in our Rotary activities in the future
30.05.2016 My Rotary Exchange year in Finland by Our Exchange Students Marie and Anna.
06.06.2016 Kari Savolainen, CEO Finavia Oyj
13.06.2016 The Summer party with change of chains will be 13th of June 18.00 at Katajanokka Casino.
Autumn 2015 Speaker Theme
24.08.2015 Hanna Schönfeld Ego Presentation
31.08.2015 Kati Juva Rotarian Action Group for Peace
07.09.2015 Club Forum
14.09.2015 Lauri Virkkunen Finland`s energy future as part of EU´s electricity market integration
Extra: Helsingin Rotaryklubi will visit our Clubs meeting!
21.09.2015 Returning exchange students Emma and Ossian present their experiences
28.09.2015 New exchange students Anna and Marie presentation
05.10.2015 Detective Chief Superintendent Thomas Elfgren About a better world for all
12.10.2015 Pär Stenbäck Minister, Master of Political Science Where is the World heading, trying to find a new world order,
19.10.2015 Vladis Dobrokhotov Mobile Marketing Solutions
26.10.2015 AGM
02.11.2015 Elina Voipio Business with Impact: New Solutions to Global Issues
09.11.2015 Birger Stjernberg My year as District Governor
16.11.2015 Finnair Pilot Ari Huusela Sailing: Ocean Racing
23.11.2015 AEM
30.11.2015 Club Forum
07.12.2015 HE Ambassador, Dr. Markku Reimaa The Book “THE NORDIC COUNTRIES UNDERGERMAN PRESSURE 1940-44”
14.12.2015 Visit by DG Ritva Heinonen
16.12.2015 Lucia Party
21.12.2015 Mr. Gimer The History of Jazz
Autumn 2014 Speaker Theme
18.08.2014 Kapteeni Olli Teirilä Strategian laitos, Maanpuolustuskorkeakoulu
25.08.2014 UK Ambassador Sarah Price
01.09.2014 EVENING MEETING: Guest speaker Linus Weckström, Investment Director, IndexHelsinki speaks about “Passive investing”
08.09.2014 Tommi Lampikoski Sustainability and Innovation – a business opportunity
15.09.2014 Stephen Kemppainen Returning Exchange Students
22.09.2014 Antti Matikkala The relevance of heraldry in the 21st century
29.09.2014 Saariaho / Petsamon Nikkeli
06.10.2014 EVENING MEETING: Anders Lidén / Ambassador of Sweden
13.10.2014 Stephen Kamppainen New Incoming Students
20.10.2014 Rauli Virtanen From the war in Vietnam to Syria
27.10.2014 AGM
03.11.2014 EVENING MEETING: Club Forum
10.11.2014 Governor visit
17.11.2014 Ambassador Heikki Talvitie
24.11.2014 AEM
01.12.2014 EVENING MEETING: Kansalllisooppera – Visit
08.12.2014 Antti Saariaho Petsamo Nickel
15.12.2014 Lucia Party
22.12.2014 Suomalainen Klubi Closed
29.12.2014 No meeting
02.02.2015 EVENING MEETING: Esko Jantunen / Putkiremontti
Spring 2014 Speaker Theme
10.02.2014 Aarre Viiala Ego Presentation
17.02.2014 His Excellency Catalin Avramescu, Ambassador of Romania Voting Systems – Innovation or Tradition
24.02.2014 Fellow Rotarian Jussi Itkonen, Munkkiniemi RC Strengthening Rotary
03.03.2014 EVENING MEETING: HIRC Member Esko Jantunen
10.03.2014 Antti Kujala, University of Helsinki Book Presentation: “in Soviet´s Pocket”
17.03.2014 Designer Kaarle Holmberg The Famous Finnish Design
Autumn 2013 Speaker Theme
12.08.2013 Samerik Ruttman Long Live Dreams
19.08.2013 HIRC incoming exchange students, Juri Ota from Japan and Hyeryeong Jo, “Stella”, from South Korea
26.08.2013 Exchange Student Nina Torala Experiences and insigh
02.09.2013 His Excellency Kari Kahiluoto, ambassador to Syria, Lebanon, Jordania and Iraq Evening Meeting
09.09.2013 Fellow Rotarian Merja Karppinen Internationalizing thanks to Rotary
16.09.2013 Olavi Mertanen, Helsinki University Education Export at the University of Helsinki – What, Why and How
23.09.2013 District Governor Ilkka Torstila
Spring 2013 Speaker Theme
14.01.2013 Jaakko Heinimäki Religion and ethics. A Lutheran views
21.01.2013 Juha Mäkelä, LtCol, Senior Research Officer, National Defence University of Finland Civil War in Syria and its Regional Implications
28.01.2013 Minister of Defense Carl Haglund Finnish Defence Policy – Current Issues
04.02.2013 Evening: MP and former minister Kimmo Sasi Challenges for the economic policy of Finland
11.02.2013 Dr. Teija Tiilikainen, Director of The Finnish Institute of International Affairs The EU after the Economic Crisis
18.02.2013 Dr. Jussi Nuorteva, Director General and National Archivist of Finland
25.02.2013 The British Ambassador, Matthew Lodge The UK in the 21st Century – a European Country in a Global Race
04.03.2013 Henrik Lax, Former Member of the European Parliament and Member of the Parliament of Finland. “Russia – stability and predictability”
11.03.2013 Eric Lebédel French Ambassador France and Finland in Europe
18.03.2013 Mrs Cody Oreck, wife of the US Ambassador, Mr Octavian Bale will make the presentation in her absence. The topic will be her recently published book on Helsinki’s Jugend style architecture,Mr Octavian Balea, the photographer who worked with Mrs Oreck on the making of the book, will make the presentation in her absence
25.03.2013 Nils Torvalds Member of the Europan Parliament EU – The Popular Support: Hopes and Disappointments
01.04.2013 Easter Monday no meeting
08.04.2013 Henrik Meinander, Professor in History University of Helsinki
15.04.2013 Club Forum No Guest Speaker
22.04.2013 Maurice Darier, Ambassador Embassy of Switzerland
29.04.2013 Evon Söderlund The journey to entrepreneurship in Finland. A young foreign woman’s perspective
06.05.2013 Antti Suvanto,Adviser to the Board of the Bank of Finland Five waves of the economic crisis
20.05.2013 Tuomo Kauttu Corporate Governance – Recent International Trends
27.05.2013 Our home-going exchange students’ Katie Cadigan and Daniel Kerfoot presentations about their experiences in Finland
03.06.2013 EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting) no Guest Speaker
10.06.2013 Patricia Berg,The Society of Swedish Literature in Finland G.A. Wallin and his travels in the Middle East 1843-1849
17.06.2013 Change of Chains no Guest Speaker
24.06.2013 No regular meeting (summer break)
Fall 2012 Speaker Theme
06.08.2012 Mr.Samerik Ruttmann International Hotel Management career
13.08.2012 Nurer Zaman Bhuiyan EGO Presentation
20.08.2012 Heikki Ojanperä The Rotary Foundation and Future Vision Plan
27.08.2012 New incoming Exchange Students Presentation
03.09.2012 EVENING MEETING The main speaker will be the renowned Finnish economist, Dr Kari Nars. We shall also have a short presentation on immigration & refugee issues by Kirsi Vuori-Tuompo, a social worker
10.09.2012 Col. (Rtd) Kalle Liesinen, Director of CMI Developing Crisis Management
17.09.2012 Homecoming Exchange Students Presentation
24.09.2012 DG Harry Hedman visit our club
01.10.2012 Evening Meeting Atte Kaleva PhD Student and teacher, University of Turku in Finland,
08.10.2012 Paavo Rantanen Presenting his new book
15.10.2012 Dr. Lauri Palojärvi Risk of Europe from Finnish Enterprises point of view
22.10.2012 Jussi Itkonen, Assistant Public Image The new strategy of Rotary
29.10.2012 Club Forum
05.11.2012 EVENING MEETING German ambassador: Dr. Thomas Götz
19.11.2012 Ambassador of Nicaragua Ricardo Alvarado Working together: Finland-Nicaragua
26.11.2012 Annual General Meeting
03.12.2012 EVENING MEETING Prof. Dr. Veli-Pekka Lehto “Is cancer the price we pay for our longevity?
10.12.2012 H.E. the Ambassador of Egypt Mohamed kassem Musical bridge – Egypt- Finland Video presentation by violinist Mervi Myllioja and a cultural presentation
17.12.2012 Kalle Pedak “Taxation in Estonia – Pros and cos for Finns”
24.12.2012 Christmas Eve, no meeting
31.12.2012 New Year Eve, no meeting
Spring 2012 Speaker Theme
01.08.2011 Manfred Dransfeld Ego Presentation
08.08.2011 Miriam Kalland Mannerheim League for Child
15.08.2011 Saido Muhammed, refugee woman of the year
My life and work in
22.8.2011 Paul Ilsley, visiting professor form USA Education and internationalization of higher education
if Finland
29.08.2011 Ms Laura Reinilä,
Reflections on the Arab Spring in North
05.09.2011 Eero Mäkinen Senior Vice President , STX
Shipbuilding, continuous
12.09.2011 Salla Tuominen,
Lawyer, Senior Associate, Bird &
Zonta International
19.09.2011 Jari Huhtaniemi, Architect, Helsinki City Planninh
Helsinki West Harbor Hernesaari
26.09.2011 Mikael Kietz Rotary Distric Governeur
03.10.2011 Evening program in Austrian café
10.10.2011 The president of Tallinn International Rotary
17.10.2011 Exchange students Satu and
24.10.2011 Exchange Students Angelica and
31.10.2011 Terhi Koipijärvi Head of Global Responsibility, Stora
Industries global responsibility
07.11.2011 Club Forum at 18.00 in Radisson Blu Plaza (Mikonkatu 23).,
14.11.2011 Minister Pär Stenbäck Peace in the Middle
21.11.2011 AGM
28.11.2011 Mr. Pertti Värtö Subject not yet confirmed
5.12.2011 Ambassador of Estonia, H.E Mart Tarmak
26.12.2011 No Meeting
09.01.2012 Andreas Herdina, Director ECHA General presentation about European Chemical Agency(ECHA)
16.01.2012 Fredric Pressler Ego presentation
23.01.2012 Peter Tuominen, Director Fortum Oy Nuclear power, Fortum, Loviisa power station
30.01.2012 Manu Virtamo, Ambassador, Ministry for Foreign Affairs “Finland and Export Promotion – Topical Issues”
06.02.2012 Professor Dr. Robert Schweitzer “Managing Finland under the Russian Empire: the political biography of Alexander Armfelt during his ministerial years (1842-1876).”
13.02.2012 Evening Meeting at Kim’s Tapas Kim’s Tapas, Kasarminkatu 4. Trade Representative Galo Herrero Villaneuvo from the Spanish Embassy will give a short presentation on Spain’s economic situation and business environment. This is an ‘avec’ event.
20.02.2012 HE. Mohamed Kassem Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Helsinki
27.02.2012 Colonel Kim Mattson, Director of National Defense Courses Comprehensive Security, Finnish Way
05.03.2012 Kai Mäkelä, Partner, Founder, Chairman of the Board,Fluido Oy What is Cloud Computing
19.03.2012 Juhani Lönnroth An Insider’s View of the EU and its policy of multilingualism
26.03.2012 Evening meeting: Visit to the Finnish Aviation Museum Visit to the Finnish Aviation Museum Tietotie 3, Vantaa. at 18.00. This is an avec event. Evening meeting includes private guided tour in the museum with dinner buffer and joint transportation
02.04.2012 Catalin Avramescu,Ambassador of Romania
09.04.2012 No Meeting
16.04.2012 Margit Wästfeldt,Ambassador of Austria
23.04.2012 Club Forum In Suomalainen Klubi
30.04.2012 No Meeting
07.05.2012 Ville Lehmuskoski: Director of Traffic Planning of the City of Helsinki Helsinki’s Traffic (including thoughts on the Congestion Charge)
14.05.2012 Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra Intendent Hannele Eklund
21.05.2012 Visit to Tallin
28.05.2012 Exchange student presentations
04.06.2012 EGM
11.06.2012 Esko jantunen Global warming
18.06.2012 Change of chains