ROTARY YEAR  7/2018 – 6/2019

Mondays 11:30 – 13:00
Helsingin Suomalainen Klubi
Kansakoulukuja 3, 5th floor, 00100 Helsinki

Date Time Description/Guest Speaker

02.07.2018                    09.07.2018













Round table meeting, Crowne Plaza Hotel

Round table meeting, Crowne Plaza Hotel

Round table meeting, Crowne Plaza Hotel

Round table meeting, Crowne Plaza Hotel

Round table meeting, Crowne Plaza Hotel

Round table meeting, Crowne Plaza Hotel

Round table meeting, Crowne Plaza Hotel


20.08.2018 11.30 M.Sc. (Politics) Kristiina Vainio: “Experiences of supporting civil society human rights initiatives in South Asia”
27.08.2018 11.30 Returning exchange students Viivi Laine and Tinttu Vitikainen
03.09.2018 11.30 Former Military and UN Officer, currently Member of the City Council of Helsinki, Atte Kaleva: “The history of islamic extremism and it´s possible development”
10.09.2018 11.30 No guest speaker because of the following Board meeting
17.09.2018 11.30 Incoming exchange students Alessio Russo (Italy) and Lara Silva De Oliviera (Brazil)
24.09.2018 11.30 Hans Wickström from Rotary Foundation Committee of Rotary District 1420: “Rotary Peace Centers have since 2002 trained over 1.100 Rotary Peace Fellows”
01.10.2018 11.30 His Excellency, Ambassador for Northern Policies Harri Mäki-Reinikka: “Arctic co-operation”
08.10.2018 11.30 Professor Emeritus of History of Science Anto Leikola: “Alexander von Humboldt, the most famous naturalist at his time”
15.10.2018 11.30 Project Director, M.Sc.(Social Sciences) Mika Pyykkö: “Sitra and Impact Investing, especially Koto- and other SIBs in Finland”
22.10.2018 11.30 Lunch meeting
29.10.2018 11.30 His Excellency, Ambassador of Great Britain Tom Dodd: “The latest insights on Brexit”
05.11.2018 11.30 No guest speaker because of the following Board meeting
12.11.2018 11.30 District Governor Irmeli Viherluoto-Lindström visiting HIRC
19.11.2018 11.30 Club Forum
26.11.2018 11.30 Fellow Rotarian R Jane Cheng: “Ego presentation”
03.12.2018 11.30 Annual General Meeting (AGM)
10.12.2018 11.30 His Excellency, Ambassador of Palestine Taissir Al-Adjouri: “Palestine and the peace process”
17.12.2018 18.00 HIRC Christmas Party at Helsingin Suomalainen Klubi ; a special welcome also to fellow Rotarians and their friends and family. Registration needed through this link: (  – (no lunch meeting)
24.12.2018  —– Christmas Eve: No meeting
31.12.2018  —– New Year Eve: No meeting

07.01.2019   11:30    No guest speaker because of the following Board meeting

14.01.2019   11:30    His Excellency, Ambassador of Poland Jaroslaw  Suchoples:                                            “Prospects of Polish – Finnish economic co-operation”

21.01.2019   11:30    Fellow Rotarian Sandra Pöysäri:”Ego presentation”

28.01.2019   11:30     Fellow Rotarian Adetayo Adelakun: “Ego presentation”

04.02.2019   11:30     Senior Loan Officer Mikko Helkala, European Investment Bank,                                       Helsinki Office:”Girl schooling in India”

11.02.2019   11:30     Fellow Rotarian Fredrik Pressler:”Our Foundation” followed by                                         Board meeting

18.02.2019   11:30    Former Minister and Parliamentarian, M.L., Economics                                          Kimmo Sasi:”Will EU survive and how?”

25.02.2019   11:30    Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

04.03.2019   11:30   Lunch meeting

11.03.2019   11:30    Club Forum

18.03.2019   11:30    Lunch meeting

25.03.2019   11:30    Executive Director of the National Seniors Union in Finland, Mr.                                        Matti Niiranen, M.Sc. (Politics): “Senior citizens organisations in                                        Finland, activities and theses for the parliamentary elections”

01.04.2019   11:30   Ms. Nelli Kuokka, Director of Communications and Public                                                 Affairs, The National Olympic Committee of Finland: “The                                                 Finnish Olympic Committee Today”

08.04.2019   11:30    Superintendent Liisa Lintuluoto, Helsinki Police Department:                                            “Processes related to forced returns”

15.04.2019   11:30    Chairman Jarno Peltonen: “The Finnish – Arabic Society /                                                  Yearbook Marhaba 42”

22.04.2019    —–      Easter Monday: No meeting

29.04.2019   11:30    Research Scientist Natalia Korhonen, Finnish Meteorological                                            Institute: ” Weather and climate patterns and their effect on                                              Finnish seasonal weather expectations” 

06.05.2019   11:30    Mr. Richard Shackleton, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of the                                    United Kingdom in Helsinki : “The latest on Brexit”

13.05.2019   11:30    Director of Finnish Institute of International  Affairs Teija                                                    Tiilikainen:”Finland´s  international position in 2019″

20.05.2019   11:30    Leaving Exchange Students:”Experiences in Finland”

27.05.2019   11:30    M.D., Ph.D., Prof. Seppo Kivinen: “A natural part of male aging:                                        Prostatic diseases” – The presentation is recommended also to                                       the spouses.

03.06.2019   11:30    Round table meeting, Crowne Plaza Hotel

10.06.2019   18:00    Change of chain and Summer Party, Restaurant Mamma                                                  Rosa (registration needed)

17.06.2019   11:30    Round table meeting, Crowne Plaza Hotel

24.06.2019   11:30    Round table meeting, Crowne Plaza Hotel