Tapiola Rotary Club and Inner Wheel invitation

We have been invited by Tapiola Rotary Club and Inner Wheel to a concert “Be a Friend” in Temppeliaukion kirkko, 14th October 2012 at 7 pm.

“We invite you with your friends to a concert “Be a Friend”, which will be held in the Rock Church, Temppeliaukion kirkko, on 14th October 2012 at 7 pm. The music and songs are presented by Artist Family Heini and  Pentti Hietanen and Dir.mus. Seppo Murto from Tapiola Rotary Club.

By participating we can make a change in the Lifes of young people in Finland. By the collected money we are able to donate a drug sniffing dog to the Finnish Customs and Training units for Life Education www.koulutuselamaan.fi. Life Education Foundation trains yearly 20.000 children in Finland in order to support the healthy and drug free life style choices among the young people.

Concert tickets at the price of  30 EUR each are available from Esa Eichhorn, Tapiola RC President 2012-2013, esa.eichhorn@saunalahti.fi, gsm +358500421781 and Hannele Karhunen, Tapiola Inner Wheel Club President 2012-2013, Hannele.karhunen410@gmail.com gsm. +358408345411.

Together in Service Tapiola Rotary Club and Inner Wheel Club”


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